Software Development Internship at Softwire

Software Development Internship at Softwire-United Kingdom

Employer Name: Softwire

Salary: £30,000 a year

Employment type: Full-time

Location: London, Cambridge, Manchester

Application Closes: Not Specified

Learn what it’s like to work as a professional digital engineer developing software for the real world.

The Company interns work as a team to construct a professional-grade application under the direction of seasoned developers. This could be done for a client, as a volunteer project, or to meet a need within Softwire.

Recent examples include a Pungo website to track seniors’ mental health and a skills-tracking tool for Potential Plus UK.

Additionally, with about half of our interns securing permanent graduate positions with us after completing their studies, the program might be the best approach to launch your tech career.

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Underpinning your success are our three key pillars: our people, our culture, and the way we work. Read on to discover more about each.

Learn more and apply

  • summer internship program: What to expect during an internship (and afterward)
  • The people we’re looking for: Are we a good match?
  • The benefits package: What you get as an intern at Softwire
  • Application process: Step by step
  • More about Softwire: What you’ll be part of

summer internship program (and beyond)

summer internships typically last 8-12 weeks.

Weeks 1-2: Induction

To get you up to speed ahead of the main development project, we spend two weeks on structured training, covering the essentials you’ll need to thrive as part of the team.

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Week 3 and onwards: Software development project

Following the training, you’ll begin work on software for a real customer – either an external organization or another part of Softwire.

You and your intern colleagues will be exposed to the full delivery lifecycle, guided by experienced software engineers. Projects typically include system design, development, and testing, culminating in a demonstration of the completed product to the customer.

Your stepping stone to a permanent role at Softwire?

The intern program lets us get to know each other and gives you a great insight into what a career with Softwire could be like. Around half of our interns take permanent positions with us once they graduate. Find out more about our graduate developer role and where it could take you.

The people they are looking for

  • A passion for solving real-world challenges: First and foremost, you’ll get a buzz from building things that make a difference to businesses, people, and society. We also want to see a passion for coding – any experience you have is a bonus.
  • An articulate people-person: You’ll be interacting with a wide variety of individuals: some deeply techy, some from complex business domains, and others with low digital literacy. You’ll need to be comfortable understanding their needs and discussing potentially complex technical ideas with all of them.
  • A positive, can-do team player: You love pushing the team to greater heights by helping colleagues out wherever possible. You always look to improve yourself and others. Your default answer to a question is ‘yes,’ and you make big problems seem small.
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If you wish to work as a Software Development Internship at Softwire, Apply Here

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