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Fruit Picking Jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners


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Fruit Picking Jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners

New Zealand is a destination offering unique employment opportunities. One such occupation that attracts both local and international workers is fruit picking. In this blog post, we will talk about fruit picker jobs in New Zealand, shedding light on the nature of the work, the prerequisites, and the abundant harvest of opportunities.

The Essence of Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit picking, often termed horticultural work, involves the harvesting of fruits from orchards or farms. New Zealand boasts a rich variety of fruits, including apples, kiwis, berries, and stone fruits, making it an ideal location for those seeking hands-on experience in agriculture.

About Fruit Picking Job

Types of Fruits Harvested

  • Apples: Orchards in regions like Hawke’s Bay and Nelson are famous for their apple harvests.
  • Kiwis: Bay of Plenty, known as the Kiwifruit Capital, offers opportunities for kiwi picking.
  • Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are harvested in different seasons.
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Working Conditions:

  • Outdoor Work: Fruit picking is primarily an outdoor activity, exposing workers to New Zealand’s stunning landscapes.
  • Seasonal Demands: The nature of the job is often seasonal, aligning with fruit ripening periods.

Physical Requirements:

  • Endurance: The work demands physical stamina as pickers spend hours on their feet in orchards.
  • Attention to Detail: Careful handling of fruits to ensure quality is crucial.

Prerequisites for Fruit Picking Jobs

While fruit-picking jobs don’t typically require advanced qualifications, certain prerequisites and attributes enhance one’s suitability for the role:

Work Visa

  • International Workers: Securing a valid work visa is essential for those coming from abroad. New Zealand offers various visa options for seasonal workers.

Physical Fitness:

  • Health Requirements: Good physical health is crucial due to the labor-intensive nature of the job.
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Availability and Flexibility

  • Seasonal Commitment: Fruit picking is often tied to specific seasons, and workers need to commit to the duration.

Work Ethic

  • Team Player: Fruit picking is often a collaborative effort, and being a team player is advantageous.
  • Attention to Quality: Maintaining the quality of harvested fruits is essential.

How to Find Fruit Picking Jobs

Online Job Portals:

  • Government Websites: Platforms like the New Zealand government’s official job website often list horticultural job opportunities.
  • Specialized Job Platforms: Websites dedicated to agricultural and horticultural jobs can be fruitful resources.

Direct Application

  • Contacting Orchards/Farms: Some workers find success by directly contacting orchards or farms in fruit-producing regions.

Seasonal Employment Agencies

  • Employment Agencies: Some agencies specialize in connecting workers with seasonal employment, including fruit picking.

Benefits of Fruit Picking Jobs

Cultural Experience

  • Meeting Locals: Fruit picking often involves interaction with locals, providing a cultural immersion experience.

Work and Travel:

  • Exploring Regions: Picking jobs often takes place in picturesque regions, allowing workers to explore different parts of the country.

Outdoor Lifestyle

  • Fresh Air and Nature: Working outdoors amidst orchards and fields offers a refreshing break from conventional indoor jobs.

Challenges and Considerations

Seasonal Nature

  • Income Variability: As fruit picking is seasonal, income can vary depending on the duration of employment.

Physical Demands

  • Strenuous Work: The physical demands of fruit picking may not suit everyone.


  • Seasonal Housing: Workers may need to arrange temporary accommodation during the picking season.

How to Apply

NOTE: If you do not have a work visa permit for New Zealand, start here and check the New Zealand Visa Application Process for more information

Apply here if you have a working visa

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