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How To Migrate And Work In Canada As A Farm Worker

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How To Migrate And Work In Canada As A Farm Worker

If you want to work in Canada, this article on how to migrate and work in Canada as a farm worker is for you. With over 193,000 farms and 272,000 farmers and farm operators, Canada is one of the world’s largest agricultural producers and exporters (ranked fifth globally in 2018). 

In 2021, this industry’s GDP contribution to the country was up to 48 billion CAD (compared to 40 billion in 2016).

Additionally, over the last five years, money holdings in the agricultural sector increased from 474 to 563 billion CAD. Nowadays, 58 out of every 100 people live on farms. In Canada, agriculture jobs are rewarding and lucrative, with household incomes of 82,000 CAD compared to 70,000 CAD for all other work sectors (2016).

Your chances of immigrating to Canada as a general farm worker has increased due to the market’s current need for a skilled migrant worker of all levels.

Please read on as we take you through how to migrate and work in Canada as a farm worker

Immigration Program For Farm Workers

Express Entry System

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a point-based system used by the Express Entry System. It assigns points to candidates based on various criteria, including their age, work history, and educational background.

Only skilled foreign workers are eligible for farm work under this major federal immigration program. It means that a candidate for this program must have some prior work experience in higher-level NOCs, such as managers in agriculture (NOC 0821), horticulture (0822), aquaculture (0823), farm supervisors, and specialized livestock workers (8252)

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Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee migrating Program is one of the best avenues for farmworker immigration to Canada (PNP).

The PNPs in 11 of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories each have their requirements and target a particular need in the local labor market. Farmworkers are in demand in several areas and territories, and each province has its list of in-demand professions. Also, the Provincial Nominee Program permitted the number of streams at NOC C and D levels (meaning they accept jobs with lower diplomas). These opportunities have significantly increased in recent years.

Agrifood Pilot Program

Another immigration option is through the Agri Food Immigration Pilot.

It supports the Canadian agri-food sector’s labor requirements. The pilot offers a route to permanent residency for experienced, non-seasonal workers in particular industries and professions. The duration is until May 2023. The newly launched Agri-Food Immigration Pilot is available to NOC C and D occupations.

To Qualify For Agrifood Pilot Program, you must meet the five requirements below:

  • You must possess the necessary work experience
  • You must have a job that qualifies you as a skilled worker
  • Also, you must beat the Canadian Language Benchmarks’ minimum language requirements or surpass them (CLB)
  • You meet or exceed the academic requirements
  • Finally, you must show that you have the resources to settle in the area.
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Temporary Foreign Worker Program

It consists of the Primary Agriculture Stream, which includes the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, and the Employment and Social Development program (co-led with IRCC) (limited to workers from Mexico and 11 Caribbean countries for seasonal work of up to 8 months). Also available for NOC C and D.

Farm Works Available In Canada

  • Apiary technician
  • Apiary worker
  • Baler – agriculture
  • Baling machine operator – farm
  • Barn worker
  • Bee farm worker
  • Beef cattle farm worker
  • Beekeeping technician
  • Binder operator – agriculture
  • Cattle ranch laborer
  • Cattle ranch worker
  • Chick sexer
  • Chicken catcher
  • Chore hand – agriculture
  • Combine operator
  • Cowboy/cowgirl
  • Cowhand
  • Cowpuncher
  • Crop sprayer machine operator
  • Cultivator operator
  • Custom harvest crewperson
  • Work as a dairy farm laborer
  • Dairy farm worker
  • Dairy hand
  • Egg candler
  • Egg collector
  • Also, egg gatherer
  • Egg grader
  • Farm worker
  • Egg grading machine tender
  • Egg grading station laborer
  • Be an Egg packer – farm
  • Egg picker – poultry
  • Egg processing machine tender
  • Farm equipment operator
  • Farm hand
  • Also, be able to work as a Farm laborer
  • Farm machinery operator

Expected work tasks, obligations, and responsibilities for farm workers migrating to Canada

  • Crops are planted, cultivated, sprayed with irrigation, and harvested.
  • Feed and care for animals and birds 
  • Milk cows
  • Perform breeding tasks for farm animals or assist in performing such tasks.
  • Maintain and run farm machinery and equipment.
  • Observe the rules for animal biosecurity and food safety.
  • Find disease and health issues in livestock, poultry, and crops.
  • Check the quality of the product and get it ready for sale.
  • In barns, pens, and chicken coops, install and monitor water lines, airflow, and temperature
  • Upkeep of buildings and farm infrastructures, such as cleaning pens, barns, stables, and barnyards, is required.
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How To Find A Job In Canada As A Farmer

To get a clear picture of the types of jobs that are in demand in Canadian immigration right now for international guest workers in the Farmworker job and Agricultural sector, try the job search site first when looking for a job. (Good options for that include MonsterCanada-Jobs, and others.)

Social media is a fantastic resource for immigrants looking for work. You can find contacts, organizations, and events related to Jobs in Canada through networking, enabling you to get precise answers.

Furthermore, you might get in touch with staffing services. They can quickly offer you opportunities and jobs that fit your skills well. Here are a few instances:

  • Temporary (Temp) Agency 
  • Traditional Employment Agency
  •  Contingency Employment Agency
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