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Best Jobs For College Students

For students who wish to work part-time to earn extra income, this article on some of the best jobs for college students is for you. While studying should be your full-time job while in college, many students could use extra cash. All of the jobs on this list are part-time, don’t require a college diploma, and help you meet your bills, whether for books or a beer. 

According to Georgetown University’s Center on Education research, roughly 70% of college students work while attending classes. Of course, keeping a job throughout the hectic college years is difficult, especially in industries that need traditional 9 to 5 hours; many firms offer minimal flexibility in terms of shift changes, and some only provide full-time, salaried work that may not be compatible with school schedules.

Fortunately for students, numerous professions provide night and weekend hours to qualified candidates because we believe students should not have to look far for a decent job.

Let’s discuss some of the best jobs for college students without boring you.


National Average Salary: $15.27 per hour

College students like nanny jobs because they provide a lot of flexibility. Some nannies just need to work afternoons depending on the age of the children, while others caring for babies are fortunate enough to work on their term papers during nap times. Some families are also ready to trade room and board for childcare services, which may benefit students attending school in high-rent locations.

Call Center Representatives

National Average Salary: $13.28/hour

Many college students may develop a cushion by putting on a headset and working at a call center. Many organizations demand staff to have free evening and weekend availability because it is their duty to get their clients to answer the phone. This is a schedule that most college students can easily commit to. Though any student who speaks fluently and isn’t afraid to make a sales presentation could do well in this position, employers prefer bilingual applicants with previous sales experience. This is one of the best jobs for college students.

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National Average Salary: 10.23/hour

Students with a knack for math can make money while assisting businesses with their accounting—the best benefit is getting paid to brush up on their arithmetic skills.

Virtual Assistance

National Average Salary: $15.64/hour

The virtual assistant is a tech-savvy colleague that assists busy professionals with everyday duties, scheduling, appointment planning, IT, research, and other administrative tasks. This is an ideal job for any college student who is well-organized, computer savvy, and, ideally, has prior managerial experience. To sweeten the offer, all work can be done remotely and at any time of day in some situations. This is one of the best jobs for college students.

Restaurant Host/Hostess

National Average Salary: $11.06 per hour

Restaurant hosts and hostesses use their youthful enthusiasm to greet customers and keep the restaurant running smoothly. Also, they make a median hourly income of $10.70 which varies significantly, and are typically busiest at night and on weekends so that this employment won’t interfere with your studies. Best potential benefit: The complimentary meal you’ll get from the kitchen will almost certainly be superior to whatever is served in your school cafeteria.

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

National Average Salary: $15-40/hour depending on location and duties performed

Do you have a pet and need some additional cash? If so, consider working as a dog walker or pet caregiver. Sites like Rover provide on-demand job opportunities to accommodate even the most unusual schedules. Also, those willing and capable of hosting doggy daycares and overnight pet sitters can earn twice as much as dog walkers. Of course, if you have experience caring for atypical pets like farm animals, reptiles, or horses, your earnings could be considerably greater.

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Sales Associate

National Average Salary: $11.38 per hour

According to Business News Daily, sales associate occupations are the most prevalent jobs held by American college students. Like food service workers, sales associates have a schedule and shift coverage flexibility, which can be beneficial during hectic school weeks. Additionally, many seasonal sales associates’ employment becomes available during the busy holiday months, which is beneficial to students who need to supplement their income while on break.


National Average Salary: $24.11 per hour

Not every college student has the skills or resources to tutor, but those who do get paid one of the highest hourly salaries on the list. You can find tutoring employment in various settings, including university peer tutoring programs, private organizations, and even internet formats. This part-time employment will provide plenty of autonomy and satisfaction whatever platform the tutor chooses. This is one of the best jobs fo college students to earn additional income.

Brand Ambassador

National Average Salary: $17/hour

Companies use brand ambassadors to assist in driving publicity and boosting brand awareness. They function as brand ambassadors, promoting products through social media. Also, providing product samples to shops, and performing product demos. Monitored and responding to customer feedback, and developing relationships with customers and vendors.

Line Cook

National Average Salary: $12.80 per hour

A line cook reports to the chef in a restaurant kitchen. Line cooks are in charge of washing and preparing vegetables and grilling, cooking, and plating food. Also, many line cooks are employed in most kitchens, with one person assigned to each station or work area. This is one of the best jobs for college students.

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Hotel Front Desk Receptionist

National Average Salary: $10.28/hour

Hotel front desk receptionist employment is ideal for college students majoring in hospitality. Hotel receptionist jobs, like gym receptionist jobs. Provide the opportunity for 24-hour scheduling, which fits nicely with any college student’s work schedule. Graveyard hours also tend to have a lot of downtimes, which might translate to peaceful study time for students who work late.


National Average Salary: $11.98 per hour

A telemarketer solicits purchases for several products and services by dialing customers or receiving inbound calls. Telemarketers are typically in charge of reading scripts written by marketing teams to encourage potential customers to buy products or sign up for services on behalf of merchants and financial institutions.

Social Media Assistant

National Average Salary: $16/hour

Companies adore hiring young, college-aged staff to manage their social media accounts because let’s face it; college-aged folks are already very active on social media. These are frequently part-time, hourly jobs that offer work that You may do from home. Such as social media campaign scheduling, customer care duties, image uploads, and research.

Parking Attendant

National Average Salary: $11.90 per hour

When customers arrive at a parking lot, parking deck. At or valet stand, a parking attendant either parks their automobiles or gives them parking instructions. They could also be in charge of finding and delivering vehicles and maintaining parking lots clean. And managing traffic into and out of the lot.


National Average Salary: $10.49/hour

Cleaning jobs, whether in homes, businesses, schools, or restaurants. Offer a lot of flexibility in early and/or late work hours and large periods off during the day. Cleaners typically work on their schedules, and some, particularly ambitious ones, may consider this low-cost service a freelancing business opportunity.

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